Björgólfur Thor and the political game.

Björgólfur Thor is using his website to discredit everyone else and by doing so he can be seen as an innocent victim just as the regular Icelander can. He is a man of the people apparently (sarcasm intended). What is most striking about this website and all the material on it is that it is political. It only shows who said what and who wanted what and how Björgólfur Thor and his money suffered in the end by the hand of the politicians.

There is nothing about the day to day operations of Landsbanki. The fact of the matter is however he wants to tell it, that he and “his people” managed to run it to the ground with catastrophic results for the Icelandic nation, and via the Icesave accounts, for the British and Dutch people as well.

Landsbanki as the other Icelandic banks took a direct stand against the Icelandic Krona for years before the crash, and vacuumed most of the money and other assets out of the bank via complicated offshore company schemes, the seem to mostly have gone through Luxembourg. Those financial performance artworks included most of the major players of the Icelandic most wanted financial criminal list that is responsible for the crash here, as well as the political cloud of protection they had.

Björgólfur Thor fails to mention anything except his political views on how others wronged him.

Strange that he can still carry on doing business in Iceland with the same politicians as before.


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