Björgólfur Thor and the media

Björgólfur Thor just opened up a website depicting all his Icelandic business deals. This website is very limited since it does not answer the big questions, such as what happened in Russia? Why did he not pay for Landsbanki with the massive profits he got from the brewery? and so on.

The media here in Iceland are up in arms about this website (Icelandic language only) and they are all trying to find the next scoop about who said what and why this or that happened. But they all seem to either skip the notion that this is a propaganda website, or they simply don’t know any better.

The same is happening now about this Björgólfur Thor self promoting website as before, they media ignore what stares them in the face. Björgólfur is trying to manipulate the discussion by trashing everyone else. He attacks politicians, former partners like Róbert Wessman who was the Actavis CEO. They are not battling in the media about who is lying about whom.

After reading through parts of this website, it becomes so very clear that this is a massive defense move on his part and the big Landsbanki report on this site was made for his father Björgólfur Guðmundsson and it sites Björgólfur Thor as the main “source” for much of the information there. It just seems far fetched and so very obvious why this site was put up and that all the information there should be taken with a grain of salt.

Robert Wessman claims that Björgólfur Thor is lying about his sacking from Actavis. Although Wessman is a big player in the economic crash in his own right, he and others claim Björgólfur Thor is lying. According to Iceland Talks sources from within the banking sector both in Iceland and abroad is that this website is not only full of bullshit and misleading accusations and statements, it is full of lies as well.

Sources and Iceland Talks believe that this website is his way of blaming everyone else and claiming himself innocent of all wrong doings.  The best defence is a good offence is phrase that comes to mind, but in this case it’s just a pathetic excuse to distract the media (weak minded they are) and the public from the obvious truth, that he himself is a major criminal when it comes to robbing banks from the inside, and ruining a whole nation for his own gain.

He is simply trying to save his own skin, and his image.

The media part in this is not just sad it is infuriating for one simple reason. The press association claims that they are doing massive reforms withing their ranks, but Iceland Talks has not seen any reforms. They still have no critical mind, and accept obvious propaganda / spin websites as solid information. And yet again, they do not as the right questions.


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