Ex Kaupthing boss wanted by Interpol

Sigurður Einarsson the former Kaupthing manager is now officially wanted by Interpol.

Nice picture of this man. When reading the Black Report he sounded like a teenager with an attitude.

He was called in by the special prosecutor and answered by claiming that he would not need to come to Iceland unless the Icelandic Supreme Court formally gives the green light for the custody of Hreiðar Már and Magnús  also from Kaupthing and Banque Havilland. That is not likely to happen any time soon, and besides, this guy cannot dictated the laws, unless he has an antisocial personality disorder or is just stupid. His refusal to come back to Iceland as requested just got him an international arrest warrant. Nice job. This is in the spirit if true “Kaupthinking”

This website reported last year that Sigurður Einarsson was heading to Luxembourg to work for Banque Havilland, and as it turns out now, the media here now claim that he has indeed been working for Banque Havilland with and for his former Kaupthing buddies.

Two more Kaupthing high flyers, Ingólfur Helgason and Steingrímur Kárason were arrested yesterday when the came to Iceland as well. There is a collaboration with the SFO in London and the SPO and all this could be a result of that.

The whole issue is a massive ongoing fraud case that went on for years. At least 80 billion ISK were stolen (given as a loan to friendly corporations without proper collateral, after the Icelandic Central Bank gave the emergency loans after the fall of Glitnir) and countless loans given to friends and dummy corporations, even after the collapse was imminent. This was as Iceland Talks has said time and time again, a massive theft. Systematic takedown of a whole economic system.

Sigurður Einarsson of Kaupthing. Wanted by Interpol

Sigurður Einarsson of Kaupthing. Wanted by Interpol


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