Take your money and run while we close our eyes and count to ten

A few weeks ago the The Directorate of Tax Investigations in Iceland made a public media announcement that was strange to say the least. At least to those who seem to have any sense left in them after the whole storm of mistakes and government fuck ups in since the whole economy in Iceland crashed.

The Taxman announced that he was soon going to be freezing assets of those who are to blame  for the whole economic crash here in Iceland.

This would be fine if Mr Taxman had already frozen or seized the assets and then made it public or at the same time as the raids on the assets took place, like they do in most civilized nations.

What is puzzling about this is the fact that the announcement gives the guilty ones time to manipulate, steal and slide assets away, directly in front of the nose of Mr Taxman.

And yesterday the office publicly claimed that wanted the assets of Stodir (FL Group) to be frozen and seized, total 650 million ISK.  The Stodir manager for 27 days of the three year period under investigation claims he broke no laws and he denies all accusations. He even claims that he only sat for 27 days and the company VAT issues did not belong to him. His personal assets have been frozen as well. He even claims that the huge house he moved to his wife’s name has now been moved back to his name.

That will convince us of his innocence of course.

The Taxman was and is too late, and those under investigation deny everything.

Deadlock of stupidity and a tactical faux pas, to alert the people in under investigation of pending actions.

They could have said; Take the rest of your money and run while we close our eyes and count to ten.


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