Volcano eruption latest updates:

A large flood is rushing down the glacier and farms near the rivers have been told to evacuate straight away to higher ground. They are in running for the hills in the literal sense. Most people should be able to make it to the evacuation centers. It is a far bigger flood than the first one yesterday. Sulfur and other disgusting fumes from the water can be dangerous as well.

The ash is full of fluoride that can be dangerous to livestock and even people if the ash keeps falling for a few days.

When the ash fell during the day, it was dark as night and black ash swept over the land like a sandstorm.

UPDATE: The flood was very big to begin with, but it bled all over the massive river delta and did not make the havoc that it seemed to be able to.

UPDATE 2: Eyjafjallajökull…..Bigger than 9/11. In the sense that this is the biggest flight disruption since that day back in 2001. Half the cross Atlantic flights have been cancelled or delayed. Hundreds of thousands left stranded.


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