Icelandic volcano grounds European flights

Instead of Cash, they send Ash.

Britain has been grounded for the first time since the Wright brothers started their test flights.

The Eyjafjallajökull volcano eruption is relatively small, but winds carry the ash to Europe and in doing so, it grounds all flights, since the ash is very dangerous for jet engines.

One can’t help but crack a sarcastic grin and think that Britain should not have put the anti-terrorist laws on Landsbanki, and Europe should have supported Iceland instead of standing united against it in the IceSave debate.

On a serious note though, this cloud of ash is spilling massive amounts of ash locally. Masks have been distributed to the Vestmanneyjar islands and other places close to the v0lcano. The small town of Vík í Mýrdal (see image) has been completely isolated. The floodwater and ash could be poisonous and could seriously affect livestock and marine life.

The air traffic shut down is not only a problem for northern Europe (so far: Great Britain, Scandinavia, France, Belgium, Netherlands) because flights to Europe from far east Asia, USA and other places have been cancelled.

Give us your support, or we go nature on your ass…..:)


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