and so it begins… Defence Wars II

Monday 12th of April. A historic day.

The day the “black report” comes out. The report is over 2000 pages and has taken about a year to write. So far things have been building up to it in the minds of the public and in the minds of those mentioned in the report.

The public: Look forward to the report to explain what really happened from the standpoint of the government officials and their role in the whole mess. Opinions will be split in two more or less. One part of the public will think this is a “whitewash” and certain people will take the fall while others get a “lucky escape” because of statute of limitations or they had to be victims of circumstances.  In short; this report will show many things, but not all.

The other group will look at this as a witch hunt. And call out “enough is enough” and “don’t blame the individuals” and so on. Those who fall into this category are in majority members of the Independence party and the Progressive party. Some from the Social Democratic Alliance because of the former Minister of Banking, Björgvin G. Sigurðsson (a pawn to be sacrificed, because he was ignorant and in over his head).

The ones in the report: They have already started the “spin ceremony”.

Davíð Oddsson has left the country, in order to “weather out the storm” so to speak. He knows his part, although his megalomaniac personality will never admit it, and in the end (and in his mind and the minds that look at him with a big YES in their eyes)…..”he was right all along”. The true believers will defend him until the very end.

Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson: He has been under the scrutiny of the Glitnir estate for massive criminal dealings in almost all areas of financial fraud, bank fraud, stock market manipulation, tax fraud and oh yes…theft of billions to his offshore accounts. All this has been known for years. But now the financial investigative company Kroll has been going over dealings of Glitnir for a year, have come to the conclusion that Jón Ásgeir and Pálmi Haraldsson (oftan called Pálmi of Fons) and their dealings (theft, manipulation, threats etc. etc.) with Glitnir, FL Group, Sterling Airlines and many other companies require Jón Ásgeir to pay back 6 billion ISK in damages.

That is pocket change of stolen money for Jón Ásgeir, who in return is going to take legal action against the Glitnir estate for slander, where the Glitnir estate said things about him and thus offended him. And they erased a smiley face from an email where Jón Ásgeir threatened Lárus Welding Snorrason that he would make him powerless as the manager of Glitnir, and Jón himself would sit as acting chairman because he was not too willing to transfer money from the bank to Jón Ásgeir’s private accounts. Billions of ISK that is.

Jón of Baugur claims the email was a joke. He said the same thing when he offered Davíð Oddsson 300 million ISK in bribes back in 2002. That was a joke to. He sure is a funny one….

Pálmi Haraldsson of Fons gets the same accusations as Jón Ásgeir. He was lending (washing?) money to Panama and then writing it off. That is usually called stealing. Then all his dealings with FL Group, and all that. His involvement is the same as that of his partner in crime Jón Ásgeir, like a massive black hole that sucked money in from everything they came close to. Just like Jón Ásgeir he did not “have any personal gain” from all those dealings. Kroll believes he had, at least six billion ISK.

“I therefor don’t understand why the managers of the estate (Glitnir solvency committee) accuse me to support Al-Qaida or the Contra rebels too. I have long since given a report about this investment project that got lost. There is no more story in this than in anything else that got lost in the economic crash. “….Said Pálmi of Fons.

He did not say anything about the deals, company owners or anything else for that matter when DV spoke to him about this. The Panama deal went through Landsbanki Luxembourg. What a surprise again, since that bank and Kaupthing Luxembourg channeled most of the money laundering and the flow of dirty and stolen money through their accounts.



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