An illusion of welfare

RUV did an interview with Harpa Njáls, an Icelandic sociologist who claims that the welfare system in Iceland is in ruins. The situation is so bad here that hundreds upon hundreds need to seek the assistance of charity organisations in order to get food. After all the increase in price, thousands loosing their jobs, whole families simply cannot pay their debts, support their children or buy food to eat.

Poverty lines like the one on the picture here are now a cold hard reality in Iceland in the year 2010.

According to Harpa Njáls, the Scandinavian nations spend way more money on welfare then Iceland. There they system is based on equality. Iceland has a capitalist neo-liberal welfare system.

Based on the ideas of Freedman, Thatcher, Hayek etc. etc; similar to the neo-conservatist views of the George Bush- (the selected one) and Ronald Reagan era.

Icelandic welfare system is not like it should be, or how it has claimed itself to be. The Scandinavian welfare model of Iceland is an illusion. An illusion fabricated by the Independence party (the local neo-conservatists) and their minions.

The government have not increased the social support payments, to the elderly, disabled, unemployed and so on, for years. And according to Harpa, the government has known from day one (for decades) that they are not paying enough for people to support themselves. So people who used to be able to make ends meet or close to it, do not stand a chance now and those people have multiplied after thousands lost their jobs. There does not seem to be any light at the end of the tunnel, since the situations is gradually getting worse.

More and more people now completely rely on charity organisations to support them with food, school supplies for kids, clothing and so on. This is new here in Iceland.  Harpa also claims that there are no official statistics available about how much is needed, as a minimum, for a person to survive.  The reason for that is the knowledge of the government that they are paying to little, so there has never been any will to fix those calculations.

Scandinavia is baffled.

Harpa has worked in Scandinavia in recent years, and she claims that people there are astonished about the situation in Iceland. That people have to go to charity organisations because the welfare system is out of touch with reality. People in Scandinavia are baffled, so much that they simply do not understand how things could become this way.

All the political parties have followed this agenda for decades.


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