Gísli Reynisson and Gísli Reynisson

There has been a lot of traffic on this website concerning Gísli Reynisson.

To put the record straight, there are two of them.

The first one is not alive anymore.  He is mentioned in those three part articles, to be read in the following order:

Landsbanki, chocolate and the dirty laundry

The purchase of Hotel D’Angleterre

Other business ventures of Gísli Reynisson

The other Gísli Reynisson has been mentioned indirectly on this site back in april 2009. As a employee of Straumur bank (personal investment bank of Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson) he and two of his freinds from the bank at the bank are now under arrest after their homes, cars and offices have been raided by the police financial frauds dvision (on behalf of the Central Bank of Iceland, the FSA and the police financial fraud division) here in Iceland. Their assets frozen and it is believed to be worth hundreds of millions ISK.  The period they are being investigated is from November 2008 to October 2009. currency restrictions

Straumur has been rumoured to playing the currency market from day one after the economic collapse in Iceland, as mentioned on this site before. Now it turns out that Gísli Reynisson, Ólafur Sigmundsson (link shows three answers, all are the same man) and Markús Máni Michaelsson are suspected of massive currency restrictions law breach. The numbers mentioned in the media are around 13 billion ISK. The fourth man arrested is Karl Löve Jóhansson.

The three amigos from Straumur have moved their official address to Britain but they have spouses and children in Iceland. So one has to wander why they have left the country. They are said to be in various private consulting jobs there. The matter stretches to the UK, USA and Luxembourg.  The company they ran and the one that is formally under investigation is called Aserta, registered in Sweden.

Straumur investment bank said in a statement that the breach of law happened after they left the company. When the first article was written on this about Straumur, it was common knowledge within the financial sector in Iceland that the currency laws were bypassed via Straumur. But the three men have kept on going after they stopped working for Straumur.


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