InDefence and the national referendum rumours: UPDATE

The website Economic Diaster Area just wrote a short article about the Indefence group.

Here is the article;

I don’t know about you but I have no desire at all to have the InDefence group appear on my nation’s behalf at the Dutch Parliament.

“The InDefence group organized a petition in Iceland asking the president of Iceland not to sign the Icesave laws. The petition was signed by close to 25% of voters in Iceland and was the foundation for the president’s refusal to sign the laws. “

“The group would like to explain the problems with the current Icesave agreement and Iceland’s view of the Icesave dispute.”

InDefence – Request for a meeting with Dutch Parliament.PDF

This group of Progressive Party xenophobes and lawbreakers appear nowhere in my name.


Article ends:


We commented that rumours said that the InDefence group would not engage in the IceSave debate before the national referendum.

That was obviously a pretty far fetched rumours, as mentioned. As suspected, the rumours sounded very strange. But now it is clear that the opposite is happening, and the political lobby group InDefence, is now pulling out all the stops and is going on a nationwide campaign with meetings all over Iceland.

Their spokesman claims that the meetings will be civil and impartial and will answer all the questions raised about the IceSave deal.

The meetings are a good idea, but will they be impartial? Not very likely, since the group has an agenda, to stop he nation from saying yes to IceSave. The agenda seems also to be aimed at the government and the efforts are put in to destabilize it and force an elections or too get the public to vote for the old guard, the Progressive and the Independence parties.

Let the battle for IceSave begin.


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