Samson financial books in disarray

Björgólfur Guðmundsson and his son Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson cannot explain loans, money transfers for more then 2 billion ISK to at least six companies belonging to them, located in Cyprus, Luxembourg and the island of Tortola (Virgin Island’s main island)

The explanation they give is that the only man who can explain the money transfers is the former Samson director, who incidentally suffered a stroke in the year 2007 and subsequently quit working for the company.

The only documents connected to those deals in the Samson books, is one unsigned loan deal promised to Opal Global Holding (owned by the father and son) from Samson that was supposed to be for 580 million ISK.bjorgulfur eve online

A stroke does not explain bad bookkeeping and lack of documents surrounding the whole vast operation of Samson Holding, and everything connected to Björgólfur Jr and Sr.

The written answer from Ásgeir Friðrikson, the former vice chairman of West Ham Football Club and the spokesman of Björgólfur Jr. and Sr. says: “…that good man was of the nature of having everything in order but was not much for sharing it with others”.

Neither Björgólfur Jr or Sr have been arrested or interrogated.

No assets of theirs frozen.

And they are not expanding again in Iceland via their company CCP (Eve Online) and Verne Holding.


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