Presidential madness and political illiteracy

The President of Iceland, Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson, refused to sign the laws from the parliament regarding the payments of the ill fated Icesave deal. Apparently 53 thousand people edged on by the Indefence group managed to make the president to do the extraordinary thing of putting this matter the people. president

This sounds all very romantic and democratic to let the people decide. It is in many ways how things should be in a democratic society. But in this case this can either be said to be madness or genius. Those who think this is genius and fantastic are the Indefence group, their ideological masters of the Progressive party and of course the Independence party.

The President had been critisized heavilly and his popularity at an all time low. People shouting for him to resign. The people who had the most noise, namely the Independence party and the Progressive party and its followers, are not very happy with his actions.

The sad thing is that many who had attacked the President for supporting and taking part in the actions of the people responsible for the economic collapse of Iceland all of a sudden depended on him to pressure the government to resign by not agreeing to the laws of parliament. The President even said at his press meeting this morning that it was the will of the majority of the members of parliament that wanted.

Those words in face are saying that the parliament and in fact the government is inoperable. How can a government work if their bills are not signed by the president? How can the government work if the members of the government vote a majority “yes” in parliament but the president claims that they did not want that?

Here is the statement from the president.

Back to the consequences of his decision. Iceland is halted on its way to reform and the depression instead of recession will get worse instead of it getting better. The deal with the IMF and the Scandinavian nations for loans to save us from total bankruptcy are put into serious jeopardy, and the worst part is that the British Government has openly threatened not to support Iceland’s application into the EU. Joining the EU is crucial for Iceland being habitable modern state.

The President was a member of the political party that became the Left Green, and is a socialist. His actions go directly against the left wing government who is trying to clean up this incredible mess left by the neconservatist free market utopia created by the Independence party and the Progressive party in the reign of Davíð Oddsson as PM.

The actions only support their agenda, to force the government to resign so they can take power again. They are not working for the people or to save the nation. They are trying to gain political power. The people suffers, and the President is helping his mortal political enemy to that scenario.

Those who do not see the real politics behind the Indefence group, who has already had way to much attention are either blind (by closing their eyes, or by political party blinds) or suffer from the terrible fate of ignorance.

The foreign media are filled with stories about this mess. Perhaps the public will not stop this madness by actually realising the actions of their president.


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