The Landsbanki Russian associations, 1996-2009


The documents seem to be from the court case against Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson from the around 1998 or so. Do not have the exact date at this point. The documents show the Baltic Brewery ownership, and court case files in the lawsuit between Bjorgolfur and Ingimar Haukur Ingimarsson and his company Viking Brugg. The newspaper DV covered this case recently up to a point, but this seems to be all the details of that case. It also has some information about other lawsuits and court cases, both in Iceland and Russia, and offshore companies connected to Bjorgolfur Gudmundsson.

Need to look at this more. A very interesting document non the less. In this PDF file are very interesting individual documents that shed some light on the Bjorgolfur Russian connection.

Documents are in Icelandic, Russian and English.

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From Wikileaks.

This 163 page file forms part of an investigative dossier on the Icelandic bank Landsbanki and its Russian associations. The material is mostly public record, although difficult to obtain in some cases.

It starts with a Eurocash 2002 article on Landsbanki’s Russian involvement which gives context. Most of the rest of the dossier is comprised of records, statements and translations from Icelandic and Russian court records.

We have verified that the material was held by a professional banking investigator, however, we are not aware how the investigator (and the courts)came to hold each and every document.

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