Reign of error continues

Davið Oddsson the former PM and the former director of the Central Bank of Iceland was just hired as the editor of Morgunblaðið newspaper.David_Joker

Morgunblaðið has been a pillar of Icelandic media for decades and was until recently the biggest selling and most read newspaper. The newspaper began to slip when the free newspapers came to the market, like Fréttablaðið (based on the Metro concept). Morgunblaðið (the morning paper) has always been the mouthpiece of the Independence party.

With this new drastic turn of events, that incredibly did not come as a surprise, the media in Iceland has become both interesting and disappointing. Davíð Oddsson was rumoured to take over as the editor if he would have stepped down as the Central Bank manager when the economic crash hit Iceland. That did not materialise until now. The website Economic Disaster Area has good article about the whole matter, see here.

When I say interesting, I mean that the discussion will be lively and things are bound to leak out. Davíð Oddsson has a lot of information to share, he is cunning and always tells the story that benefits him. For example; he claims to have warned the nation about pending crash, at the same time as he set the banks loose and kept telling the nation and the world that the Icelandic system was fantastic. Right until the end.

When I say disappointing, I mean that the cover up of the whole mess be faster and the spinning will take on a new meaning. The Icelandic media will start looking like the Chinese media. Full of words that don’t say anything and massive propaganda against the most important matters of today. Like the cleaning up after this mess and the battle to join the EU.

The positive side from the EU perspective is that Icelandic society is reactive, there is no initiative to speak off, and when the squeeze is on the EU supporters and the polls show that there is only 30% of the population that wants to join the EU, despite the fact that it is our only choice to survive, and not only a matter of common sense, but a matter of life and death of the nation. This will most likely prompt a better resistance to the anti EU propaganda of Oddsson and and the Independence party.

There could even be a new media outlet started to counteract this new Morgunblað newspaper.

I kind of feel like Gandalf talking to Pippin in the Lord of the Rings as seen below.



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