Are the media stupid or just controlled?

The media in Iceland have been accused of being either stupid or under the control of those who are to blame for the economic collapse.  Both explanations seem to be correct.

Viðskiptablaðið (the business newspaper) has an interview with Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson of Baugur as it’s main selling point this week. This interview is not really an interview, it is a PR exercise.

In this interview Jón Ásgeir claims that the hedge positions against the Icelanic krona have hit him hard. Jón Ásgeir said: “We all know who did it. At least we did not do it since we had no interest in a weak krona. We can see what is being done by the solvency committees and through their actions who are to blame.”

He is believed to be attacking Kaupthing and it’s owners. Strange for the only reason that Kaupthing worked closely with him and his companies both in Iceland and abroad.

So….the spin war continues. Blame each other indirectly and attack certain journalists in order to steer the discussion away from the real issues at hand.

The journalist does no attempt to pressure him or to ask him relevant questions. So this PR exercise is just as useless as so many other articles.


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