Defense wars. The spin continues

The defensive wars of the guilty ones continue.

Magnús Þorsteinsson the former chairman of the board of Eimskip, an Icelandic logistics company, that split up when the part of it was changed into an investment bank. A very logical step when running a freight logistics company to turn it into an investment bank, some might say, but I fail to see the connection or the relevance between the two. Unless one looks at this articles written on this website a few months ago.

More lawsuits against reporters and journalists continue: Now it is Magnús Þorsteinsson, who now joins fellow “economic bad boys” Karl Wernersson and Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson and Björgólfur Guðmundsson, filing a claim against RUV (state owned TV station) journalist Gunnar Örn Jónsson for the story written about here on this website a few months ago. In very short, RUV claimed that the individuals in question used the investment bank Straumur Burðarás to move billions ISK to offshore tax havens. The lawsuit is for slander against their good name.

Just like the other three, Magnús Þorsteinsson is asking for one million ISK in damages, plus interest and legal fees, for the assault on his good name for suggesting that he and the others had moved money to offshore tax havens. guilty-lookingIn total the claims reach up to around 4 million.

According to Magnús, he dislikes the notion and the innuendo that he got money away to avoid paying debts.

It´s just like a small child that is guilty of eating all the candy, to come bursting in claiming that “I never eated the candy, I swears…” and by that making itself guilty as hell.

The very strange thing is the numbers. The damages are for one million plus interest and cost. One million ISK is around GBP  4.854 or around EUR  5.556. That seems like very small price to pay for their good name. Magnús and the others are accused of tax fraud, theft and other serious accusations just by the journalist. Meaning that by claiming they stole or transferred money, they are guilty of many legal breaches.

This smells like spin tactics. To divert the attention from the real issues at hand.

What is ever worse than this is the crap happening within the political sphere in Iceland. Energy companies being sold, people put in positions they do not deserve or can´t handle. This and more is all done, and all the questions are diverted via spin tactics that the media play along too without criticism or they simply can’t see how things really are. The media are actually owned by those people who are filing lawsuits, not against the newspapers or TV stations, but against individual journalists.


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