The defensive wars have begun

The propaganda defensive wars have begun.

Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson of Baugur has attacked Egill Helgason of the Silfur Egils website / TV show. Egill Helgason is prolific blogger/journalist that is popular in Iceland because of his show and website that has been pressing on the business tycoons that drove the nation into ruin.

Jón “Baugur” Ásgeir has not publicly attacked Egill by calling him names and in an interview on the Silfur Egils show last year, Egill asked him about the British Virgin Island called Tortola. He denied knowing about it but did not look convincing. Many of his own personal and Baugur offshore companies are registered there and were founded there.

In short: JAJ is not only a financial terrorist, he is a liar too.

The there are the Exista brothers who are now attacking Agnes Bragadóttir the personal propaganda machine of Davíð Oddsson the ex PM and Central Bank manager. Lýður Guðmundsson of Exista accused me and other bloggers and journalists for his mess as can be seen here. They are now accusing her of trying to ruin them and their reputation by constantly claiming that they had stolen assets, money and whatever they did really steal. They are going after journalists and bloggers, just like Jón Ásgeir of Baugur. propaganda

The story is that most of the people responsible for the whole economic mess that is Iceland today, are now feeling the pressure. Their arrogance is shown by this article here about Bjarni Ármansson refusing to pay back loans, and well, this whole website is full of their deceit, lies and criminal behaviour.

The culprits are now loosing their solidarity and are trying to to steer the media (not very hard to do in Iceland) away from themselves they leak information about each other to shift the focus away from themselves. This is usually called spin. But the sad part is that the media here are spineless and have neither the will or the ability to follow through. They can be manipulated with ease.

Now the political smoke bombs are starting to go off and the sand is being thrown into peoples faces via the media, all done in an effort to draw the discussion along in the hope that it will fade away or for it to be diverted in other directions. That has been the biggest problem of the Icelandic media for decades, and the public seems to forgive and forget all to easily.


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