What is happening in Iceland now.

There have been so many issues that needed to be exposed, and this site has done its part in that. To be able to fulfill that job, a whole group of people who do nothing else than investigate what has happened and what is happening here, is needed.

One of the things that is strange to look at is the incredible lack of will to fix the very serious situation of the homes and families who are paying the price for this attack on the financial system and the criminal behaviour of bankers, corporate moguls and politicians.

The funny thing is (well, not that funny, serious is closer to the truth) that if a company goes bankrupt for any reason, if it is because it cant pay loans because of the situation, or it has been run to the ground by accident or by sheer stupidity or criminal behaviour of its owners, they can get their debts written off. If not fully, then the majority of the debts at least.

The politicians who pay insane amounts of money from the seriously depleted government funds to “save” certain companies that should never have been saved, like Saga Capital, or Sjóvá Insurance for example, see no reason to write off much smaller amounts of money for the public. The financial market and the loss of stocks has nothing to do with the general public of Iceland for the simple reason that only a very small number of people actually played the stock market. The majority of people, show up to work (those who still have work) and pay their bills.

The collapse of the krona has made everything so expensive and more and more families are going into debt they never could have forseen. Still the government has no intention of helping them, as the minister of welfare said two weeks ago. He said that there are no plans to write off, or fix the debt situation for the the public.

Company debt can be written off, and if you are an individual who owe more money than is needed to run the entire welfare system for 3 years, that can be written off too. That money has been moved abroad to tax havens systematically for a long time now, and those who did it get billions written off and then keep on going as usual, buying aeroplanes, companies and show no signs of being in any trouble.

This systematic lack of will to help the public while useless companies get billions for free is surreal.

One can only wander why that is?


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