The truth about the Kaupthinking video

I have it confirmed from reliable sources that this is indeed a real Kaupthing video.

It is not a fake as some have suggested. It looks a bit amateurish, but it is certainly for real.

It was first shown in October 2005 in the French city of Nice, at a meeting of the senior management team. The video has not been changed or edited from that meeting.

After the meeting in France the video was shown often at many internal meetings and events held by Kaupthing. This was not shown openly or aired on TV because Kaupthing had not paid any royalties, or had in fact any permission to use the music or the video footage and images that are shown. The bank took extra care not let this video leak out for this reason.

Here one can see the same words used as in the video.

Glitnir used similar tactics to pep up their sales staff and trade floor staff at least back in early 2008, when all the credit lines had been closed for months, and the bank was in serious need for cash. They used the pep talk from Al Pachino from the movie Any Given Sunday to name some.

Glitnir used this to motivate the staff to get money into the bank by all means they could. The staff, oblivious (hopefully) to the fact that they had no chance to save the bank, started working for it’s owners and senior management staff and helping them run the Icelandic Krona, peoples savings, the pension funds and the bank itself to the ground.


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