The Indefence group, Kaupthing and the Progressive party

When the whole economy crashed in the fall of 2008 here in Iceland the Icelandic government did nothing to fight back on the PR front. The reputation of the nation was at stake, and still is. The British government took extreme actions against Landsbanki and put the bank on the anti-terrorist list under the same category as Al Qaeda, North Korea and Iran.

The bank was later removed from the list into a new category as seen on the picture at the bottom.

The Indefence group did well by keeping up the defences for the Icelandic reputation. Then the group faded out a bit until the new year it suddenly changed from being a group of people who had lived or studied in the UK that was not happy with the lack of actions by the Icelandic government at the time. That government was a coalition between the Independence party and the Social Democratic Alliance that famously resigned after the Saucepan revolution riots in Reykjavik in January of 2009.magnusarniskulason

The Indefence group was all of a sudden publicly fighting for Kaupthing bank. One of the members even brought in lawyers on his own or in partnership with others. Magnús Árni Skúlason an economist who runs the consultancy firm Reykjavik Economics is a spokesperson for the group among others. Magnus Árni brought in a English legal firm in order to convince the government to pursue legal actions against the British government for shutting down Kaupthing/Singer & Friedlander.

The interesting thing about that is, that according to our knowledge, Kaupthing was not bringing in those lawyers, it was Magnús Árni who at least had a part in that. Kaupthing was closed, it had gone into receivership and was under government control when this happened.

Others who where a part of the Indefence group included Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson, an economist as well, who worked with Magnús Árni in his firm. Early this year Sigmundur Davíð was voted the party chairman of the Progressive party in Iceland. And subsequently got a seat in parliament in the last elections.  Sigmundur was also a spokesperson for the Indefence group.

When he was voted in a highly organised coop, the chairman of the Progressive party, he no longer spoke on behalf of the group. He was still seen with them and plays a very important part there. Or should we say that the group plays an important part in his politics.  The Indefence group not works directly in sync with the Progressive party, and act as an informal tool on the parties behalf. sigmundur

When putting people on lists for the elections last spring, Sigmundur Davíð had the audacity to put Magnús Árni, his good friend to be second on the list, a seat that would almost guarantee him a seat in parliament. Other members of the party protested this act and claimed that the party had a long history of personal connections and political favours to friends, and this was not the time or the place to show everyone that it was still so. The suggestion was withdrawn.

Now Magnús Árni Skúlason was voted on behalf of parliament to sit in the Supervisory Board of the Central Bank of Iceland. At the same time he is actively campaigning for Indefence. The political favours just keep on happening.

This is just a small sample, and the Indefence group is now gathering people to assist them in the PR work abroad.It was alright when the group was fighting for justice but now it’s just a puppet of the Progressive party.

The very interesting part is that all the time when Indefence spoke, they never talked directly about Landsbanki, they always talked about Iceland and Icelandic companies, but used the image below as an example, but only Landsbanki was the only one on the anti terror list. Was the group working for Kaupthing all along?

What reasons do they have to mislead the public, to make them think that they are doing this for the good of the nation when there are clear political and even financial issues driving the campaign. Is the Icelandic nation and the people who are pledging their time to support the group ready to work for Kauphing bank after the Wikileaks incident? Perhaps they still do some good, but they now have an agenda.

The company that runs the Indefence website is Kögun, a company that Sigundur Davið Gunnlaugssons father is said to have more or less stolen from the government and became very rich while doing it. At the time his father was a member of parliament for the Progressive party.



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