The purchase of Hotel D’Angleterre

Gísli did not stop there, and in 2007 he (Nordic Partners) bought the flagship of Danish hotels, the Hotel D’Angleterre in Copenhagen. It seemed like a good deal to buy the hotel in a package deal with the Kong Frederik hotel and the restaurants Copenhagen Corner and Front. This angered the Danish people, and especially the business sector, who immediately questioned the deal. According to Sigrún Davíðsdóttir, Gísli said in a Danish newspaper that he did not know much about the hotel industry, but still Landsbanki thought it was a good investment to lend him money to pay for the whole thing at an overprice, about third of the amount paid was too much apparently.

Again, according to Sigrún Davíðsdóttir the RUV journalist the deal was a big media fiasco in Denmark. The sellers were an elderly couple called Henning and Else Marie Remmen. They wanted to offload their assets and an Icelandic real estate agent according to Sigrún Davíðsdóttir put the two parties together. When the deal, and connections, were made between the Remmens and Nordic Partners the real estate partner was kicked out of the deal. He filed a lawsuit in Denmark.

Why kick the real estate agent out? Especially when that man, who Sigrún Davíðsdóttir does not mention, is not just a real estate agent, but a lawyer as well. A person who this site has talked about before. More on him further below in this article.

In the legal procedings it surfaced that the price was around 700 million Danish Kroner for the whole package. It also came out that Gísli and Nordic Partners (all financed by Landsbanki in the end) actually paid close to one billion Danish Kroner, and the sale went through offshore island companies owned by the Remmen couple. Some debt came with the package most likely because of the overprice, according to Sigrún Davíðsdóttir.

The Danish media questioned the deal and wandered what was really going on, suggesting money laundering or other dubious financial transactions because of how the deal was made. A few questions such as, why pay overprice for companies in debt? Or why all the hush hush practices by using offshore tax haven companies? Why get rid of the man who made the deal possible? Those questions, and other similar ones where asked.

Like so many of the Icelandic business ventures, Nordic Partners´ matters are in a state of flux, especially since Gísli Reynisson is deceased, and the whole system has literally collapsed. According to Sigrún Davíðsdóttir the assets of Nordic Partners have so far not been taken over by the government, but the hotel D‘Angleterre and other hotels and restaurants who came with it are all bankrupt. The other owners of Nordic Partners have been starting up companies in Luxembourg this year (2009), most likely to re-adjust the ownership. The Landsbanki estate committee and the New Landsbanki have to figure out what they can do with the leftover assets that in 2008 where estimated 100 billion ISK, but have since then lost value dramatically.

Gislason Law Firm‘s part in this deal

The real estate dealer is a lawyer called Gísli Gíslason and was mentioned here on this site a while back. He got according to our sources around 500 million ISK as a settlement payoff to close the lawsuit. That seems a tad much for one deal, but good for him. He drives a very fancy pitch black Porche Carrera (I seem to remember) with the licence plate „2007“ (the licence plate is incredible considering the current situation in Iceland).

The Gislason Law Firm is an expert in offshore deals and cheating the government of it‘s rightful fees and taxes, according to his website. He can assemble a team of „experts“ to help individuals and companies avoid the government‘s challenges.

So the conclusion must be that the money that went to him is from Landsbanki. And if that is a part of dirty money flows as the recent entries about Landsbanki on this website indicate, the lawyer who helps others cheat taxes is driving a black car with the most stupid licence plate of all time (my opinion) that was bought with Russian mafia money.

So very 2007 don’t you think?


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