Icelandic government hires UK PR company

According to the PR Week news item from July 22nd it is reported that the London based consultancy firm Financial Dynamics (FD) will drive a new PR campaign for the Icelandic government aimed to restore faith in the Icelandic economy, and Iceland in general, as a place to do business.

fd logoThe reputation of FD is impressive according to PR Week, so much that the government did not offer the deal up for bidding. In the PR Week article it is not mentioned that the company has worked extensively with Novator and its management team. The owner is Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson, and Novator is his main British company. FD has also worked extensively with Landsbanki and it’s CEO’s.

The Icelandic government has been criticised by the Icelandic PR specialists for not doing anything. Many Icelandic specialists wanted to hire a foreign company to do this task for the government. At the moment Nestor Media believes that a cooperation between local PR experts, such as Nestor Media and foreign PR firms would have been better, but we will have to see what comes out of this in the next few weeks.


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