Flow of dirty money through Björgólfur Thor

The flow of dirty money from Russia via Cyprus/Landsbanki/Björgólfur and there to the oblivious financial system that chooses to look the other way is impressive.

The issue with the Russian mafia gets more clear every day. It was said in this article that Björgólfur Thor was registered on the Turkish side of Cyprus. That is not accurate, I have it confirmed that he is registered on the Greek side of Cyprus, and that all the money laundering went through Cyprus.

This is in general terms pretty simple, the Russian mafia has used Cyprus for years as their main hub for laundering dirty money. It works like this: The Russians cant send money directly to banks or other companies in Europe because everyone know its dirty money, so they send it to companies in Cyprus, banks, real estate firms, import/export firms and so on. Those firms then put the money into accounts in European and American banks, clean.

This is what Björgólfur has been doing according to our very reliable sources that alot of the money went through Cyprus. It seems that Björgólfur Thor and Björgólfur Sr have been almost full time money launderers for the Russian mafia. The main reason is that the Russians need a western reliable businessmen as front men to mask their identity. So the buy people like both Björgólfur Thor and Björgólfur Sr to do their dirty laundry.

Those men get paid very well to serve as the face of investors and entrepreneurs that are really just laundering machines for the Russian mafia. As has been reported on this website before the Bravo brewery sold to Heineken by Björgólfur Thor and Björgólfur Sr was not as owned 10-15% by the St. Petersburg mafia (The Tambov Gang of St. Petersburg perhaps?), rather they owned 90% of the Bravo factory compared to Björgólfur Thors 10%.

Heineken bought the factory because it was corrupt free!

This would go a long way of explaining why Björgólfur Thor and Björgólfur Sr had to go around begging money from 23 banks, who all declined their wish of getting a loan to in order to buy Landsbanki. They eventually had to go to the Icelandic bank Búnaðarbanki and got a loan from them. They seem to have used the Russian tactics of bribery to get their wishes. See article about that deal here.

Most of Björgólfur Thor’s business seems to have been made up from false information about wealth, everything was borrowed and then over leveraged and money sucked out of every single company they came close to. Incredible to know that a whole nation was used as a tool by local gangsters and their bosses, the Russian mafia. Landsbanki was keen to lend to everyone who served this purpose of washing money, and it all went through Cyprus and various nations in Eastern Europe, such as Russia, Latvia, The Czech Republic and of course Bulgaria. Another country involved in this whole mess, and in fact instrumental in it was the Landsbanki in Luxembourg.


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