Kaupthing vs Wikileaks

There is a bizarre twist in the file leaked to Wikileaks on July 31st 2009.

The file is 210 pages long and can be downloaded here:

This list and information is fantastic for anyone who needs information about the bank and it’s business. The New Kaupthing bank sent this to Wikileaks. In short they are claiming this to be confidential information and threaten legal action.

According to RUV the material in question is genuine and comes from a instrumental meeting of the banks loan committee from September 25th 2008, just after the crash. It is very interesting to see how much of the loans are to the bank owners and key shareholders. Way beyond any risk regulations and beyond all sense.

(just felt a small earthquake, 3.1 on the richter scale)

The information in this file are confidential according to New Kaupthing, are liable to lawsuit under Icelandic law. The website Wikileaks was started to get information to the public sphere because that is where the information should be.

I wrote about the fear within Icelandic society a while back.

I have hope now.


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