Icesave, IMF and the EU

A lot of things have been happening in the last few days. The parliament is up in arms trying to decide if Iceland should apply for the EU. They should do it, but so many are against it, for some strange reason. There are no solid arguments behind the view, simply because there are no reasons not to join.

The arguments against are all about the cost of starting the negotiations, how evil and bureaucratic the EU is, how they want our resources for free, and so on. All based on one thing and one thing only, religion. Religious views about the status of Iceland. Do we loose our independence? Will Iceland be a free nation within the EU.

The fact is that Iceland is not independent at the moment, we are bankrupt, run by an office on Manhattan (IMF HQ). Our financial independence and political independence is not there. The EU, UK, Holland, IMF, NATO, IceSave and so on, they see to that we are under the mercy of almost anyone else other than ourselves.

We are not financially free that is certain, and the arguments the anti EU people use is mostly how bad things are in the EU, and if you point out the simple fact that Iceland is in the shit, they say that things are not better in the EU.

One cant argue with fanatic religious political views, simple as that.  But their arguments as always speak for themselves. The sad part is that the political parties mostly want to have two separate national votes on the subject. The first one to determine if Iceland should apply and the second one to OK the deal we get, or to fail it. That is if the first vote will be for talks instead of against talks. Stupid really. Iceland HAS to join the EU in order to survive this crisis, like all the nations in Europe are fighting to do without loosing their independence.

The parliament will probably discuss this all week. But what they dont keep in mind is what they all should in fact have as their main focus point, and that is the welfare of the nation, the general public, the companies and not just the narrow veiwpoint of the fishing industry and their own political regligious veiws on the subject.


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