Treason or political responsibility

After all that is happening and has happened in Iceland the last few years, it is amazing that the politicians still claim to be able to solve all the problems. Politicians now save us from fear, from the enemy within and the outside forces that are trying to crush us. In our case the Icesave deal for example and by keeping us isolated from the European Union. The ideology used here is similar to the one the Neo-conservatists in the USA used to keep the public ignorant and confused while they tore the nation to pieces with international war mongering and privatisation of the welfare system and by freeing the market from its regulatory constraints. The politicians did the same thing with the market here as well.

The result of this freedom is total collapse of the economy and a nation in ruins. The Americans got Obama to restore hope, we got Icesave and the same people into parliament again. While Obama closed Guantanamo, the same people who ran the nation to the ground still control all the banks. Nobody is held responsible.

Where is our Obama? Where is our beacon of hope?

This brings out the question of responsibility. People hope that justice will prevail, but will it do so? I hope it does, but I an not that optimistic, even though there are positive signs out there that something will happen. The special prosecutor and Eva Joly are the beacons of hope, but their light is low lit at the moment. What is clear that the bankers and the business tycoons (thieves) share their responsibility in this mess. Alot has been said about their actions here and in other media outlets but there is one thing that has not been discussed very much, and that is THE QUESTION that needs answering.treason

What is the responsibility of the politicians who got us into this mess with the business men. The same people who allowed this to happen on their watch are still in power, they still rule parliament. What strikes me the most is the fact that the public and the media are not crying out for political justice as well. People like David Oddsson the ex PM and Central Bank CEO is one of the main culprits. EconomicDisasterArea has a short article on what he did wrong (at least a part of what he did wrong). For example David Oddsson was the ideological architect of the liberation of the markets from regulation, he as the Central Bank gave the green light for IceSave to be opened in Europe.

This is just one example of people who should be held responsible. So many of all the political parties took part in this madness, got personal sponsorship deals from the business men or money via the party that was from the same business men and their companies, yet nobody resigns because of this conflict of interest or admits they did something wrong or inappropriate.

Retirement is not enough like some seem to think. Gross misconduct in public office or treason as many would call the act of putting personal or private interests ahead of public interests while in office. An example of this is the privatisation of the banks that where given to party members and personal friends who now have destroyed the nation with their actions, supported by the politicians.


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