Bad media and corruption

New Iceland was just a dream. A distant pipe dream of a bewildered nation. The corruption continues within the political sphere and the business world as well. But when it comes together like was, and in fact still is the norm here in Iceland, things get from bad to worse.

This was written on june 5th on this website, and it shows a few examples of corruption and how dishonesty is rewarded. Now things have taken a turn for the worse. The British retail magazine Retail Week posted this story this morning.  This article tells how the ex Baugur chief has been hired as chairman of Hamley’s. The tone of the article is that of utter surprise and disbelief. It is very strange to hire people who have messed up or are simply not qualified, just because they know people or they are in the right political party.

The blogpshere in Iceland is angry and people are saying that this is just another way of keeping the corruption going, in the form that by making sure people who have directly been a part of the “attack” on Iceland can control the discussion, money flow and how things will turn out. It’s like the arsonist would be appointed as chief fireman. talks about this Retail Week article by translating it loosely and they even say (transaltion is mine) “It is emphasised in the article that Gunnar (the man in question) was in control of Baugur when it went bankrupt”. This is to Eyjan a point, not something to base the story on, but a classic case of Icelandic journalim. Bad translations and no thinking at all, not even asking questions. The the only thing they add to the short translation that the British journalists emphasise that Gunnar was the boss while Baugur went under.

It is hard to write a simple blog entry like this one when one reads this kind of “journalism”.

What was originally a blog entry about corruption has turned into a rant about the media.

Well, so be it. Is there any difference between the local media and corruption?


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