Legal advise on how to be a succesful white collar criminal

All this talk about legal experts has made me think about how lawyers work. Many of them are honest people but some not so honest. I have written a few articles on lawyers on this website, mostly in the beginning of June. I no particular order:

The one about Logos law firm being connected to Baugur group.

The one about Logos law firm being raided and the senior partners there having the status of suspect in a massive fraud case.

The one about the state prosecutor Valtýr Sigurðsson refusing to leave office when clearly disqulaified because he is heavily connected to one of the major players in the “so called” economic collapse.

The one about lawyers who get rewarded for their dishonesty by the elite the work for.

The one where my blog entry was “borrowed” by the law firm Jónatansson & Co that specialise in copyright issues.

An update about this case. Yesterday I checked their site for my article as seen in this article here, and its gone. To my surprise they have removed their copyright “error” (my article). My article is gone from their website, and I still have not had any apology or recognition for my efforts, while they have had a decent amount of press from me instead, by promoting their law firm with my invaluable negative, but fair, press. Instead of my article, under the “English-news” section, there are other articles, many of them “borrowed” from Glitnir, FME and other places.

This is not an impressive list of law firms and actions taken by them or by the Icelandic Bar Association as reported in this last entry.

One is left to wander if things can get any worse, then I was sent this by an anonymous tip.

Here you can get legal advise on hot to avoid being caught by the government as a white collar criminal.

Here below is an incredible screen shot from the law firms website in question, called Gíslaon Law Firm. When this was pointed out to me with the words “interesting career choice”, one has to look at the text closely. The image below shows clearly that the firm has “experts in the field of avoiding the government challenge”. Why is the government challenging people or companies if they abide the laws? The only reason is that they are trying to bend them and are “concerned with enforcement or compliance that may lead to white collar criminal charges”.


It is good to know that the white collar criminals have a place to go, and they have experts with considerable experience in avoiding criminal charges.


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