Icelandic legal experts mess upp

The so called legal experts of the Icelandic Bar Association have now made three critical errors in judgement (pun intended).

The first one was the IBA protest against the so called truth committee of the Icelandic parliament and their proposal of abandoning the code of silence between lawyers and clients, made for the purpose of getting the truth out in the open.

The second one was when the IBA protested Eva Joly and her involvement with the investigation of the so called economic collapse.

The third and probably not the last one was to call the economic collapse in Iceland a so called economic collapse.

They do not seem to comprehend that when all the banks crash, the nation is in a complete financial disarray and total uncertainty about future international relations. That is a so called problem in their eyes.

The talk is, and one does not need to be an expert in this to see that they are afraid of their own ass. The lawyers are essential to all business deals and regulatory issues, not matter if it is connected to banks, government or other private sector areas. They assist the white collar criminals to cheat the rules they themselves have made. To cheat rules is in their job description, and after many of them have become professional rule benders for the white collar criminals that made the so called economic collapse a reality, they are afraid of being prosecuted (like many of them should be) themselves, because they know what they did.

Tax evasion (tax fraud), offshore accounts, vague deals who benefit one instead of both parties and so on. This is what they have been doing all this time. The reason they don’t agree with outside parties and independent investigations is because the are the buffers for the rich and powerful. It is easy to convict petty criminals for traffic violations and minor drug use, but the bigger fish seem to get away all the time. The lawyers are the parasites that hang on the big fish.

I took the next chapter from the Silfur Egils website, where he got it on Wikipedia that explains why there white collar criminals are not dealt with properly.

The empirical data clearly demonstrate a double standard between white-collar crimes and so-called street crimes. There are a number of reasons to explain why white-collar criminals are not more rigorously pursued. By virtue of their relative affluence, those accused as white-collar offenders are able to afford the fees of the best lawyers, and may have friends among senior ranks of the political elite (see Cronyism), the judiciary and the law enforcement agencies. These connections often not only ensure favorable treatment on an individual basis, but also enable laws to be drafted or resource allocations to be shifted to ensure that such crimes are not defined or enforced too strictly.

The fear is starting to affect them. Many lawyer got rich and got good jobs feeding on the bigger fish that crushed the economy, something that would never have been possible without the lawyers. They are guilty as hell.


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