Iceland and the media puppets.

Baugur is at it again. Jón Ásgeir Jóhannesson the ex Baugur boss and the real owner of Frettablaðið newspaper is using his influence again. The old editor and ex politician Þorsteinn Pálsson just left the paper to pursue other things, and the deputy editor stepped up to become executive editor. His name is Jón Kaldal. the puppet

Kaldal wrote a lead column on 7th October in Fréttablaðið where he said that the economic collapse was not the work of around thirty individuals as Vilhjálmur Bjarnason, a lecturer at the University of Iceland, said first in a live BBC news interview a few days after the economic collapse.

Kaldar said that the atmosphere of the people with hay forks, banging on the doors of parliament and the central bank and the business tycoons who own most of Iceland and at that time the UK high street, is pathetic. The discussion about blaming the business moguls is tiring, depressing and premature according to Jón Kaldal. He also said that the only thing positive about all the blaming and shouting is that some people get a release for their anger, and feel better afterwards.

Kaldal continues and claims that the story of the future will not be about Baugur, Björgólfur jr and sr and the other individuals who drove the nation to bankruptcy, but about a nation. A nation that went into a spending spree and ignored the warnings about an unstable currency. He does not mention that the banks gave people little choice when lending money. Or the methods they used to promote their “deals”.  Kaldal also claims that blaming the banks is like an alcoholic blaming the liquor store for selling him his alcohol. This argument is often used in the gun and tobacco industry as well… not a nice company that.

Kaldal still continues and says that the time of reconciliation is not important, the nation needs to stick together and not seek blame. The nation must be humble and not use the foul language of the blogpshere (only free media in Iceland at the time, and still is in fact).

A total collapse shows that the only free market is the market of ideas. We are now going through exiting and creative times say´s Jón Kaldal finally.

This is incredible. The words like “the free market” are still used by this puppet of Baugur (at the time when Baugur was still alive, formally at least). He is right about the the creativity, but that takes time and when people are in a state of despair and anger, they don’t want creativity. They want heads rolling.

The media. The so called fourth estate should lead the way, but sadly the media was and still is owned by the individuals who brought the nation to its knees. And in true negative propaganda fashion they blame the nation instead those who are actually responsible. The logic is not only flawed, it is simply not there. To blame my actions of buying a car for the the economic crash is just plain stupid.

Now Jón Kaldal has the editorial chair all by himself he strikes again with brute force of the ignorant puppet and blames Eva Joly for the paranoia she creates by attacking the national prosecutor and by being a foreign consultant. Her words claiming that the national prosecutor is not fit to investigate are fully justifiable. But accordinAnimalg to the puppet Kaldal they are “damaging and nasty”.

He is not alone in this, see these two entries  here and here. There is a massive media campaign against Eva Joly, who is probably the only brigh light for so many here at this time in the nations history. Pressan and AMX are websites connected to the Independence party that is the home for most of the people to blame for the economic collapse, and they attack Joly systematically. The attacks on her started at the same time, from all media outlets. The nation wants Joly, the media, owned by the money men who brought the nation down, are against her.

The only people against Eva Joly are the ones who have something to hide.

Just to make things clear. The picture of the human looking puppet is Jón Kaldal.

The cool one here is Animal, a real fabric made puppet, but a far better one.


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