Icelandic fraud investigation is corrupt. Part 1


Events of the last few days have been incredible to say the least. To many here in Iceland this is totally what we expected, but to the majority of people and to the eyes of the world as well, this is incredible.

Two major events are the highlight, but other issues are lurking under the surface. Of floating on top for all to see is closer to the truth in fact. First is the Eva J0ly statement yesterday when she said she would quit her role as a special adviser to the government and the special prosecutor Ólafur Þór Hauksson.

The reason she wants to quit is the investigation because of incredible lack of will, lack of resources and lack of professionalism. The website claims to have emails that confirm her dissatisfaction about the situation. She believes that measures are being taken to hinder her efforts and her advise are not being being followed or taken seriously. She also wanders why it takes months to set up an office for her and her assistant Jón Þórisson.

According to Eva Joly is still the only foreign specialist involved in the investigation. She wants more foreign people to join the team, for the simple reason that the Icelandic society is to close knit and so many are directly or indirectly involved in the whole mess that they are not fit to do the job properly.

This statement from Eyjan about Joly being the only foreign specialist is not true. It has been hinted on this blogsite before that other specialists are involved, and that is still the case.

Joly wants the banks books to be investigated from scratch instead of investigating special cases at a time. This is a no-brainer. The banks did dirty things and measures have been taken to cover up all the bad shit leaking out. Eva Joly and in fact we at Nestor Media question why there have not been any arrests? Why has it taken eight months to start raiding houses, obtaining computers and other evidence, and why people who are formally under investigation like Hannes Smárason have not been detained.

Eva Joly claims that the special prosecutor needs more money, more people and more resources. What is the government doing? Why is this not a priority, the number one priority in fact?

An example of this is Eva Joly´s statement in Kastljós TV show yesterday. See here This particular statement is about Valtýr Sigurðsson the state prosecutor. She claims that he disqualified to do his job because of his son who is one of the key players in Exista, a large company with ties to all the dirty business going on for the last few years. Valtýr Sigurðsson has said it as absurd that he should resign, and he said that he would move aside in all matters that end up with the special prosecutors office.

He should resign, and if he does not resign he should be fired. This is not about being nice, heads must roll. Nobody has taken responsibility and nobody will if this sort of “gang affiliation style of governing” keeps up. To loose people like Eva Joly because of this “mafia style” friend protection, political involvement and general incompetence would put Iceland to the top of the list of most corrupted states in the world.

There has got to be a reason for this sluggish actions of the government and the obvious lack of will to investigate the matter fully. What is needed is a total change of the whole system.


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