Icelanders work to hard

According to a Forbes magazine article Iceland tops the list of nations who spend most time at work.

I look at this as a bad thing, a socially negative matter that needs to be solved as soon as possible. This has been the pride of so many Icelanders for so long. It is good to be hardworking, that is true, but so hardworking that you are more at work than at home? Don’t think so. The family life suffers, regular enjoyment is less and that leads to unhappiness for many people.

This has negative impacts on wages as well. In the sense that the more you work the less you get, because people should only work around 7 hours a day, not 9 hours like the most people do here.

The more you worked has always raised you wages, but the employer and unions have made things so that the general wages are lower, and you need overtime to survive. It is a form of slavery. People should not depend on overtime to live, overtime should be an occasional thing, needed only to finish something before a deadline for example.


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