Could Icelands EU interest upset the european elite?

In the German version of Financial Times’ editorial it says that Iceland’s interest in joining the EU might upset other nations within the EU.

This article is interesting. It claims that the only reason Iceland wants to join the EU are selfish ones.  Iceland is the perfect state for the EU, from both financial and political aspects. But for years Iceland have shunned away everything Brussels have offered and Iceland has until now not been keen on foreign regulations imposed on them.

It is true that many here have not wanted to join the EU, but those reasons are mostly connected to feelings and the strange interpretation some people put into the term “independence”. Iceland developed a bit differently than other EU states in the sense that instead of the liberal movements, of the last 200 years where the freedom of the individual was hailed, Iceland connected freedom with nationality. When lobbying to gain independence from Denmark.

Iceland missed the classical European definition of individual freedom and opted for “the group thingy”.

This is not general, but it is strong within the Icelandic national identity.

Iceland has not shun away from international regulation. A founding member of the UN. Iceland is a member of NATO, Schengen contract, EFTA (80% of all EU regulations are in place in Iceland) and so on. But it must be admitted that Iceland has not been as involved in European affairs as some might like.

In the FT article it says that Iceland feels that the EU will no longer jeopardise the independence, instead it will create the necessary stability so desperately needed. This is not new, this is what EU supporters in Iceland have been saying all along. But strange national pride and incredibly childish political views have told otherwise.

The article claims that nations seek the EU not to gain peace in Europe, but to get themselves economical benefits.

It´s a shame that Iceland has not fully come to grasp with this whole EU matter. Sometimes pride can mess with peoples heads.


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