Secrets that shouldn't be in "New Iceland"

Both ruling parties promised an open government, transparency was supposed to be a crucial element in the birth of the New Republic. It seems that a new Banana Republic is being born.

It is rather sad to be a partial supporter of one party and it completely lets one down. I voted in the last election with a bad taste in my mouth. I was expecting this sort of democratic betrayal, and that is a sad state of mind. People are loosing faith in the government, in democracy itself.

The opportunity missed by the political parties to make the mantra of New Iceland to life, is a big one. The opportunity and the promise to make the government transparent was turned into an elitist behind the scenes game. When the new government was being born, nobody said anything about the progress, the press or the public where not invited to see what was being discussed and the comments by the politicians all sounded the same; “we are talking, and making progress”. The negotiations proceedings where kept as an absolute secret, the only people who had any clue of what was going on where all party members, or the elite close to the party leaders.

Little or no changes have been implemented to blow away the cloud of secrecy that was the symbol of the old governments. This is not what was promised and not what people want.

An example of this is the special prosecutor, nobody knows who has the status of a suspect or if there have been any action taken, such as office of home raids in order gain information. Reports of the bank collapse are not shown, reports on the real financial status of Iceland are secret. Nobody knows anything. Even the parliamentary investigative committee is totally quiet. It is almost like nothing is happening at all. Not a single person has been arrested, not a single company has been raided.

We at Nestor Media had high hopes that the special prosecutor and the investigative committee, Eva Joly and all the extra funding would actually give the public some sort of news, some sort of results.

All we can hear is the sound of silence.


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