Birth of New Iceland is haltered

One of the main issues of the saucepan revolution here in Iceland was the demand for a constituent assembly that would make a new constitution in order to prevent such a travesty as the economic collapse. The assembly was promised by the Left Green and the Social Democratic Alliance when they took over the reigns in January.

Nothing happened, the Independence party fought the necessary changes to the Constitution and the LG and SDA did not push it through. The point of the constituent assembly was to take power from the parliament for the sole purpose of making a new and fair constitution since the public couldn´t trust the politicians to things right.

The news coming from the parliament today are grim. They say that the assembly will only be advisory, in direct contrast to what the political parties promised. According to Dagur B. Eggertsson former mayor of Reykjavik and a member of the SDA, only two ways had been possible, either to postpone the issue completely or give the assembly an advisory status. Eggertson said that postponement was not an option. The bottom line is still that the parliament is not willing to give up its power to the people like they should do and promised to do. The last word on all issues concerning matters will be from the parliament.

It seems that they only want to keep power, keep the status quo.

The message is that it is better to mislead than to lie. Isn’t it always so.


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