Gordon Brown blames Iceland for his own mess

Gordon Brown the British PM has done it again. This latest faux pas has turned out to be a serious act of desperation. In a parliamentary session discussing the Christies Hospital in Manchester two days ago Mr Brown said that the Hospital had lost 6,5 million pounds on the IceSave accounts at Landsbanki.

That is simply not true. The hospital had no money in IceSave, it had money in a bank called Singer & Freidlander that is owned by Kaupthing, an Icelandic bank. Singer & Friedlander has always been a British bank, and is therefor under British laws when it comes to responsibility and money guarantees. It was Gordon Brown who put Icelandic banks on the HM Treasury anti-terrorist list , and in that action he destroyed Singer & Freidlander. Only Landsbanki is on the list now, but the words and actions of Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling put the nail into the coffin of S&F when the crisis started in October last year.

Brown said “The first responsibility is for the Icelandic authorities to pay up – and that is why we are in negotiations with the IMF and other organisations about the rate at which Iceland can repay these losses that they are responsible for. We have also agreed that we will look at the particular case of Christie’s and see what we can do to understand how we can meet their needs.”

Iceland is not responsible for this mess, not the government and absolutely not the people. It could be argued that Gordon Brown is directly responsible for the Christies hospital financial crisis. No claim has been sent from the UK government to Iceland about the S&F bank.

The IMF representative here in Iceland Franek Rozwadowski absolutely denied any talks between the UK government and the IMF. He said that it was not the business of the IMF to get involved in disputes between nations. Here in Iceland people are sceptical about this.

Gordon Brown also said: “But you have to accept … that there are many more people affected by the Icelandic regulating authority that have lost money as a result of that and that would mean there would be certain precedents that would be set. We have got to look at it in the round and will do so.”

This can be called a direct threat to Iceland as a nation when he says: “…certain precedents that would be set”. It should be enough that Iceland is forever tarnished, shamed and blamed for every other financial mess in the UK. The people of Iceland called thieves because of the actions taken by Gordon Brown when he said the Iceland would not pay.

I am paying. All the people who lost their jobs because the money to pay for their work is going to the UK.


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