The Icelandic EU debate turns surreal

The new government consists of the two parties that have led the nation since January, that is, if they can agree on a government pact.

The main issue is the EU application for Iceland. Should the nation go in or stay out. This has been talked about on this page quite a lot before.

What seems to be happening is that the Left Green are against the EU, but the Social Democratic Alliance is for it. The rumour has it that the new government will actually disagree on this matter officially. They will let the parliament vote on weather Iceland should start negotiations with the EU or not. They need majority in order to do so, but by splitting apart officially would weaken that majority and the SDA would have to rely on other smaller parties that have little loyalty or reason to support the possible application.

How can a government work together when they totally disagree on the biggest matter in Icelandic political history?

The word is that if the SDA backs away from the EU issue then they will be finished as a party.


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