EU and Iceland. The next chapter begins now

Ögmundur Jónasson Minister of Health and parliament member for the Left Green party said that Iceland entering the EU at this point in time was the single most stupid thing ever. On the other hand he wants to solve the argument about Iceland and the EU by letting the people vote on the issue.

The arguments he uses are the same as those who are also against the EU use. They say that the people of Iceland should vote twice. Once in order to decide if Iceland should engage the EU in negotiations or not, and the second one should only happen if the first one is voted yes.

In short, this is done so Iceland don’t engage the EU in negotiations. The propaganda against EU membership will rise to new levels and the public will suffer from the injustice of not being able to vote on the deal we can strike with the EU, that is, if the first vote will be vetoed.

Now the pressure is on the Social Democratic Alliance not to back down since they pushed the matter quite a lot for the elections as the main issue in the debate. This is the biggest matter, no matter what people say or want to think. Its implications for Iceland are massive, join or not, still it will have a huge impact on the nation. Negative or positive, but the impact will monumental for the future.

This could cost the Left Green the place in the government if the SDA join the Citizen movement and the Progressive party who both want to see what kind of deal Iceland can get with the EU.

This could be difficult to do because there are other matters in the way. So the fear is that the distrust towards Europe and the common goal of keeping Iceland isolated and alone the universe with its ruined currency and economy will be the mantra for the future, as was discussed on this blog a few times before.

The latest conspiracy theory is that the Left Green get their wish of cancelling the planned aluminum smelter in Husavik, and have to agree to the EU membership instead. Iceland already has to many aluminum smelters and is selling (giving its energy away) below the global market price for electrical power.

Again the blospehere and radio shows are full of people asking the simple question: “What will we lose by starting negotiations with the EU, do we lose our cool, our resources, our independence?”

People are asking for better arguments than those who are used the most, that the EU is evil and it will be expensive to join. Most people refuse to see that if Iceland will stay out of the EU, it will cost us a lot more and in fact it is costing us a lot more than for us being inside the EU.


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