Political ads

The political parties are having a field day as this is written. One day to go, and tomorrow is election day. The media, radio, papers, TV and the Internet is filled with political ads. It is not only totally overwhelming, its irritating to most people. 1

The political parties all have different advertising firms  working for them. The ad firms are all the major players on the ad market in Iceland. But strangely they all look, feel and sound the same.  It is both strange and interesting to look at how they are all the same and why.

The newspaper ads, and the ones at the bus stops and posters that litter the walls of Reykjavik are all the same. A picture of the candidate or candidates, under the picture is the logo and a phrase or phrases that has little substance or solution, just a promise. 2

The ads in the end do not deliver. The reason is not bad ads in that sense. The ad firms do their jobs as they are told by the party elite, some are more creative than others of course, but most of them look and sound similar.

The people are mostly irritated and fed up with the ads. Nobody believes them and they promise things like they always do but nothing happens except the internal struggle for power. Who gets what chair and what committee spot with the money that comes with it.

Here are a few examples of how they look. Some are older, but they are still similar.



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