It reads like a spy thriller!

This entry sounds like a John LeCarre book. In fact it could be a good material for a political thriller.

Major players are:

Illugi Gunnarsson the double agent who does everything for money. Illugi was the personal assistant to David Oddsson when he was prime minster. David Oddsson the last Neo-Con of Europe he was called by the Bush administration in admiration. And the same by the Europeans but with contempt. Illugi got large amounts from Baugur Group and FL Group (owned by Baugur). The reason he is called a double agent is that David Oddsson was an sworn enemy of Baugur. He accused them of trying to bribe him with 300 million ISK around the year 2003. Illugi is believed to have been in the faction of the Independence party that was firmly against Baugur Group.

Questions where raised when he was offered to become a member of the board of Fund 9 in Glitnir bank. A bank owned by Baugur. He has a BS in economics and MBA from London Business School. He is mostly responsible for the mess that fund is today. Here is a very good article about that whole mess from the EconomicDisasterArea blogsite.

This seems to indicate that the relationship between Baugur and the official anti-Baugur man was not as bad as people might have thought. This is hard for many of the Independence party members to swallow, according to website. This “behind the scenes” relationship between Baugur and Illugi Gunnarsson could be either disastrous for him or very lucrative. Depends if he is for sale and has integrity or not.

Þorgerður Katrín Gunnarsdóttir. The ex-minister who is good a “fixing things”. She got the information that the Icelandic banks where on the verge of collapse from the Central Bank of Iceland as a government minister a year ago. She contacted her husband Kristján Arason an executive at Kaupthing Bank who took all their savings and put it into a company called Right-7. Kristjan Arason was number 7 in the Icelandic national team in Handball when he was a pro athlete. His partner in the national team Thorgils Ottar Matthisen. He is the brother of then financial minster Arni Matthisen who is partly to blame for Iceland being put on the anti-terrorist list by the British government. By the way….the minster and her husband are rumoured to have large amounts of loans written off. And to top it all the savings they put into the account was around 400-500 million ISK. Not the savings of the general working man, even if he had good wages.

Then there are the banks who gave very large amounts of money to the political parties, a thing that has been discussed on this site before. See here. They also gave so called special deals to politicians and their freinds. One phonecall to the right man within the banks and people got massive loans without collateral to buy shares, stocks and what ever they wanted. If the stocks fell, then they did not loose anything, but if they increased in value, they made money. They also did write off massive and massive amounts of money that the bank elite, politicians and other “friends” go for free when they saw that the bank was done for. The public did not get that kind of deal, and now the public has to pay by loosing their jobs, their savings and their future.

The Indefence group. Look innocent but are possible double agents for politicians and Kaupthing bank. They started well, but it soon became to light that they did more than fight for a better image of Iceland in the UK and in fact globally. They did a fantastic job at that, better than the PR job by the Icelandic government at least. The spokesman for the group became the chairman of the Progressive party in an impressive coup from within the party. Then people from Kaupthing started to represent the group as the group lobbied the government in order to get their assistance to prosecute the UK government on behalf of Kaupthing. They never mentioned Landsbanki in that lawsuit. And the person who brought the lawyers in from the UK to run the case was an individual who works with the new Progressive party chairman and has worked as an advisor for Kaupthing. What is an individual doing bringing in lawyers from the UK?

The unknown member of parliament. The one that sought after money from a company and was told by the CEO that he or she could get one million ISK if he/she would talk more favorably about his company policy. The member of parliament had talked against the company policy before that time. The discussion is apparently on tape, but the journalist who has it, is not saying wheather he/she took the money or who it is. It must be considdered that the journalist in question Sigurjon M. Egilsson is the brother of Gunnar Smari Egilsson, a fomer editor and a business partner of Baugur owner Jon Asgeir Johannesson.


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