How will this time in Iceland’s history be remembered?

The times we are living now should be interesting and exiting when all things are considered. The global depression and the local financial mess is negative for sure, but during times like these people tend to get creative, they shake up the existing system and do things in a different way.

The main topic today is politics and business. Its hard to get away from it and this site is no exception of that. Hope shot up when people took to the streets of Reykjavik and demanded a new government. The people got their wish, and the government fell. The reasons are many, but like in most wars when one is defeated, several parties will claim victory.

The angry and fed up public claims they drove the government off the rails. One of the two parties in the ill fated  government claim that they stepped away from the table because of various differences. Partly that the Independence party was not willing to get rid of the Central Bank manager, David Oddsson. Partly because of difference about how to solve the financial crisis. The truth is most likely a mix between all those reasons at least. Other things might have contributed to this as well.

The Independence party is a conservative party, and true to that fashion, they do not acknowledge any wrongdoing and do not accept any blame for their 17 years in office.

The Social Democratic Alliance claim that they could´t work with the Indepence party any longer because of their unwillingness to to do what needed to be done. Sack the Central Bank manager, join the EU for future financial stability, and shake up the system to get some result and a clarification of what happened.

The strange thing about this issue is that after the much written about case of financial support to political parties and the SDA promises, nothing is really happening.  The electoral system is just as faulty, because parliament didn´t fix it like they promised, the people to blame for this economic collapse are still running free with all their stolen money.

Both parties have not done anything to help the homes going bankrupt. The are not reacting, they only say they will do something after the elections on the 25th of April. The total lack of policy, direction and all the political bickering about trivial matters constrains progress. The political parties are to self absorbed and out of touch with the people that is painful to watch things unfold that are only to easy to fix. But the will isn´t there and the political and personal views and gain of the party leaders take the front seat when the good of the nation should be the number one priority.

The corporate moguls that drove us into bankruptcy are still loaded with cash and are trying to buy companies and other valuables at a very low price, when they should be in jail for international fraud. The social moral rift is still present, and nobody is willing to change, when we need it the most.

Like Bob Dylan said once, “The times they are a changin‘…” should be the mantra of the day, but it is not so. The times will be remembered that of moral breach, political agendas and corruption.


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