Is Gordon Brown avoiding Icelandic ministers?

A very interesting incident happened at the NATO Allied Foreign Ministers meeting in Brussels a few days ago. Ossur Skarphedinsson the Icelandic Foreign minister tells the story on his blogsite. He met Gordon Brown the British PM there by chance, when Brown, Sarkozy of France and Steve Harper the PM of Canada where posing for a photo together. Brown asked Mr Skarphedinsson to be on the picture with them, but Mr. Skarphedinsson refused to do that, but instead shook his hand and said to Brown that they needed to talk.

Iceland has been in a serious fight with the UK because Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling put Icelandic companies on the terrorist list. The UK used the anti-terrorist laws to paralyze Landsbanki and Kaupthing/Singer & Friedlander banks and by doing so, caused them more harm than perhaps was necessary. It can be argued that the use of the anti-terror law was a decisive part in the whole Icelandic Economic collapse. Others claim that the banks where doomed before the use of the anti-terror laws.

Brown replied that the photo of them together would do neither of them any good. Then he stormed away “like a pin had entered a certain body part.”. According to Mr Skarphedinsson he did not see Mr Brown any more on the conference and when he asked his escort crew about Mr Brown they said he was busy solving problem connected to the appointment of the new NATO chairman, the Danish Anders Fogh Rassmusen. Mr Skarphedinsson says that he never saw Gordon Brown again on the conference, not even at the closed meeting where the appointment of the new NATO chairman was finally resolved.

This is interesting because of the report by the UK Treasury Committee about the banking crisis. Here is a link to the UK parliamentary website about the report. And here is a link to the post-match analysis by IceNews.

Now the Icelandic PM Johanna Sigurdardottir wants reactions from Gordon Brown because the committee report claims that the actions taken by the UK government where way to drastic. An overkill so to speak. The report says that the actions directly cause the Icelandic nation serious damage.  As a result of this actions, the Icelandic people have been fired from jobs in the UK, simply because they are Icelandic, many believe the average Icelander is thief and so on.

It is an interesting thing if Gordon Brown is avoiding the Icelandic ministers. When he was contacted by them after the initial fallout, he did not even want to talk to them. He sent them to Alistair Darling instead.



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