Iceland to seek international fraud assistance

In an article by Rowena Mason in the Daily Telegraph it is being said that Eva Joly, Norwegian-French investigating magistrate will get more help from international fraud parties. The Daily Telegraph says:

A source close to the investigation said. “We need serious help from Europe and the UK and tax havens to deal with the international aspects of this because it looks like there was a very elaborate network of crossholdings and money flowing overseas. It’s absolutely mind-boggling.

Joly said straight away that international assistance would be needed, and the investigation would have to start straight away in Iceland, like the Daily Telegraph correctly says as well.

The Serious Fraud Office declined to comment on the question weather the Icelandic government had sought their assistance. Europol is also mentioned as a likely candidate to help with the investigation.

This is what should have happened straight away when the economy collapsed. Loud voices in Iceland demanded this to happen, but the government did not do anything then. It took a new government to actually do something, and people like Joly where not contacted by the government, but by individuals who brought her to Iceland for a TV talks show.

Nestor Media has knowledge about other international experts who are contributing and helping to figure out what caused the economic collapse exactly, and what can be done to find the guilty parties. That is being done via other official government means than those the Daily Telegraph mentions. Who and where is not being made official yet, but it is clear that the noose is tightening around the necks of Jon Asgier, the Bjorgolfs, and all the so called 30+ individuals who are responsible.

The pressure is on them, and all those who are responsible, even politicians that might have something to hide, like Illugi Gunnarsson from the Indepenence party (Fund 9 was his flaw) and the Independence party vice chairman, Thorgerdur Katrin Gunnarsdottir, just to name a some.

Some might get away with their crimes because of lack of political will to find those responsible. Iceland’s main enemy at this moment is its political parties and there will to protect their friends. We need more whistleblowers.


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