Immunity from prosecution denied

A deal was proposed to give people who had broken the law, in connection to the financial collapse here in Iceland, a chance to redeem themselves up to a point, by giving them immunity or drop charges for any wrong doings if they disclosed information about other serious crimes in the same field. Rat out your friends and partners and dont be punished yourself. This system is known all over the world and is a very good way to get information otherwise unobtainable for the prosecution.

Gylfi Magnusson, minister of commerce, proposed this to get more chance of nailing those responsable for the financial collapse. This proposal was denied by the Parliament commerce committee,

The committee refused the proposal on the grounds that it should not be possible to “deal oneself” out of prosecution for the same actions that one can turn other in on. The committee also claims that letting people walk even if they are guilty is a debatable method and that by accepting this they are taking power from the police authorities and limiting their power, by not giving them the chance to charge people with white collar crimes.


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