Anti EU supporters join forces

Styrmir Gunnarsson the former editor of Morgunbladid newspaper, and a close ally of David Oddsson retired only a few months ago after 30 years as editor. His first job was to sprearhead the Independence party propaganda department. He is all of a sudden one of their main spokesmen both officially or unofficially. His latest play is a political rallying call to all those who are against the EU membership for Iceland.

A very short guide to the EU opposition and the EU support:

Those who want to join are. The Social Democratic Alliance. Current ruling party with the Left Green party. Most of the industrial and commerce groups, exept the fishing industry association LIU.

Against: LIU, The Left Green party, The Progressive party, The Indepenence party, the farmers union.

The general public needs more information and is generally bombarded by negative propaganda from the LIU and the farmers union who claim that farming will be put out of business and the fishing rights lost to Brussels.

The political parties agaist joining the EU, refuse to discuss it or to even let the public make up their own mind. They point to Norway, that is not a member. Norway on the other hand has massive amounts of oil, and have in fact voted twice weather to join or not.

The parties and groups who want to join are fragmented and not able to speak properly about the subject. Some becuse of their status, such as unions and other groups who represent many people and groups who might not fully agree, even though the majority is in favour.

But the anti EU groups have the upper hand at the moment simply because they have a common enemy. The EU. The political partys are the Left Green party who is on the far left, and want nothing to do with the Independence party, but strangely they share almost all the arguments on Iceland, nationality, freedom, pride, and so on. Most of those arguments are based on nationalistic feelings, rather than economic or social reasons.

Styrmir Gunnarsson writes on the website and in his latest political play, claims that Heimssýn (translates as Global Vision, or World View or something similar to that), a group run by the Left Green and the Indepenence party together, must raise its bar and double its efforts to crush “the democratic traitors who wish to give up the Icelandic soverignity and independence” in their view.

The fact is that the Independence party is seriously split on the issue. The official party line is to be against the EU. The Left Green is split in the way that its leadership is against the EU, but the majority of its grassroots want to apply and see what deal Iceland gets. The Progressive party is the same way.

Styrmir Gunnarsson boldly talks in the same way the Republican party sounds usually, talks about war, political arms race, trenches and so on. The stone cold fact is that political gains are running those arguments, not the will of the grassroots within the parties, the general public or the national prosperity.

Iceland is the only country in Europe that we at Nestor Media know about where the EU membership debate is deliberatly crushed by political parties instead of giving the people the chance to vote on the subject, where at the same time the same parties talk about democracy and freedom of the individual. Even the Independence party followed the economic freedom to the limit before the economic collapse, and according to their policy, more freedom of commerce should be the main aim.

According to Styrmir it was unfortunate that the Left Green party leader publicly declared they wanted to keep working with the Social Democratic Alliance after the forthcoming elections. He also said that he would not join hands with the Independence party.

But this is politics, and in that game, promises or declerations dont have any meaning.


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