IMF interfering in Icelandic local affairs

According to Thorsteinn Palsson, the editor of Frettablad newspaper and a former leader of the Independence party, claims that the IMF has its business in internal political affairs when it decided with the Central Bank to take over some of the Savings banks. The Savings banks claim that short term obligations had almost been concluded in negotiations with foreign stakeholders. Mr Palsson claims that this action is non of the IMFs business.

He also talks about the secrecy that was supposed to be abandoned in the government sector, the information transparency that was supposed to be made clear. Things are still secret and the public does not know what is going on fully.imf-logo

The blogsphere is up in arms about this article of his.

“Its incredible that the Independence party is whining. They simply have to get over it and take the terrible consequences after all the years of financial drunkenness. They have to face the fact that Iceland has partly lost it independence and is in emergency treatment at the IMF after all the disastrous mismanagement under the Independence party and the Progressive party.”.

“The IMF has financial responsibility over Iceland until we have regained financial independence again. We must face the facts and accept that.”

“Why does the IMF not object to the loan to Saga Capital? Is it okey to support the financial companies but let the homes go broke? This does not make any sense, but is consistent with the IMF record and policy. They always support the financial assholes.”

“What does the opinion of the Frettabladid editor matter? This tabloid is dying and most honorable and sensible people no longer read this crap that Jon Asgeir Johannesson pushes upon the public.” (Frettabladid is free, delivered to every home in Reykjavk and many places in the countryside)

“It must be said, it is incredible that a nation that has not suffered regular crop failure because of drought or a long term civil war has raged, or any other similar catastrophic natural disaster has happened, should be totally dependent on the IMF.”


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