IMF actions

To clarify the IMF issue:

It is simple, Iceland has lost its financial independence, like it or not. And therefor they can up to a point direct certain local affairs. After all they control the money. We at Nestor Media may not agree with the IMF or its actions, but the fact still remains that they are in charge. All talk about anything else is misguided and wishful thinking.

The IMF methods have been questionable through out the years, and until we know more why certain banks are given loans and re-financed on very low interests rates (2%) and other actions are taken against the homes. Like keeping interest rates still in 17% instead of lowering them, we cannot judge their actions.

We may not like them but they might have a sensible explaination. At least…lets hope so.

The lack of transparency is a problem, and to fix that would go along way of eliminating the fear in people and calm them down.


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