Unilateral currency adobtion??

According to the European committee of the Independence party here in Iceland, who has been against the Euro and the EU for years, as reported earlier here on the Nestor Media Information blogsite now want to adopt the Euro unilaterally. Or so it seems at first.

According to various media sources, a report from this committee claims that Iceland can either hang on to the Krona (ISK) and live with the unjustifiable currency restrictions now in place or live with the fact that assets abroad are far more than foreign debts, and that is also unrelistic. So the only option is to adobt the Euro. But the committee is split on this issue. Some want to adobt the Euro unilaterally without joining the EU, and other want to join the EU and then take up the Euro.euro1

According to most economists and financial experts, a unilateral adobtion of the Euro is not an option. It is both extremely dangerous and would not sit well with the EU itself. Not to mention the cost.

The fact that the Indepence party is split on this, makes him unfit to actually get anywhere with the issue. There are people who want the EU, but the party line has been to stay away from the EU and be isolated. It would take a massive political policy change to turn this around. The propaganda against the EU on the inside of the party, to silence the internal conflict has made the situation so, that many look at the EU matter almost as a religious affair, and it is a matter of feelings, not cold facts on what is best for the nation.

Within the Independence party the opposition against the EU, is based on almost American Neo-Conservative views on the world and for it to change without actually splitting would be a major event.

On the risk of sounding anti Independence party on this blog, that is not nesseraly so, but it is the biggest and most influential party, and they hold the key to our future with their party line.

The question is will there be a polar shift in the party line or not?


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