IMF trying to figure out the status of Iceland

What is really going on, how much do we owe the world after personal abuse of only a few men?

This is what the IMF is trying to find out along side the Icelandic government.  The government will send the findings to the IMF as a part of the package that will be presented on the state of the Icelandic economy. Morgunbladid reports that it is not certain of it is possible to match the debts with assets, in cases like the IceSave accounts.

There was a setback few weeks ago when politicians here got angry because the second part of the IMF loan to Iceland was not delivered.  The IMF correctly said that the government lacked trust and there was no proper long term policy in place. That still seems to be the case. What makes things even worse is the parliamentary elections next month. Most of the focus is on preparation for the same old election routine by the political parties, instead of focusing on trivial things like saving the national economy, or even the even smaller issue of making a long term economic and political policy in order to fix the situation Iceland is in.

The IMF cannot say when Icelands case will be dealt with, but the next steps will be taken when the IMF board has discussed the Icelandic situation to decide weather the emergency economic plan will be re-evaluated or not. If not, then the loan will finally be delivered. The loan is estimated to around 2,01 billion USD.

The future of Iceland depends on the economic policy taken by the same people in the same political parties that got us into this mess in the first place.


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