Eva Joly. Fights corruption for Iceland

Eva Joly will be an adviser to the Icelandic government when it comes to finally tackling the white collar criminal activity that put Iceland on the brink of bankruptcy. It was announced today that the special prosecutor for the government will get at least 16 people to work for him, and a few more even on a temporary basis. Joly said earlier that the office of special prosecutor would need at least 20 people to do the job. It seems to have sunk in with the government to actually do something about this matter. It remains to be seen if there are any serious actions behind them or if this is just for show, to win elections and diffuse the national tension for the time being.Eva Joly fight for Iceland

This is a good thing, but many people agree that this might be for show only, and no real actions will be taken, or that one or two mid level bank directors will be “sacrificed” and put to blame while the big shots walk. This attitute is common, and it is so for a reason. That needs to be changed and hopes are rising with the news of Joly and the special prosecutor staff increase.


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